Management Discussion 1

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WEEK 2 Learn: Discussion Question 1


This week let’s look at the stakeholders and the role they play in establishing the organizations goals. Stakeholders are anyone involved with the company. They can be shareholders, employees, customers, partners and even suppliers. Who are the stakeholders in your workplace or in a company with which you are familiar? What are their wants and needs? How does management meet their needs? What difficulties arise in balancing the needs of various stakeholders?

McDonald’s is one of the more successful American companies in the global market because it has succeeded in competing against local competition in most every market. Watch this video and share what you learned about McDonald’s global strategy and their global success.

Learn: Discussion Question 2

I wanted to discuss the concepts of mission and vision statements. In many organizations, they are not accurately written to reflect the goal that you are trying to reach or the audience that is reading it. Often the people that write the mission statement themselves are not committed in the statement they wrote. If you are trying to change people, motivate people and create creativity, you must believe in the change yourself. Assuming you are already at that stage, think of change management as a way to change your folks into believing in your change. You must introduce them to the concept and educate them as to why we need it. Then you try to get them accustomed to the change be reinforcing the new environment. Giving people kudos for baby steps, etc. and finally you get them to accept the change.


I wanted to add that a SWOT analysis can be used at any time by an organization. As an example, a change in manufacturing process might require the organization to change vendors for supplies. In this case, you may want to perform SWOT analysis on the competing vendors to determine how different they are, and which one is more stable; so that you can make the most educated and informed decision.

So, any action by the organization may trigger a need for a SWOT analysis. If the company is considering entering a new market, expanding operations or creating a new product; they should do a SWOT analysis first.

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