Management Resources Activity – Healthcare unit

Management Resources Activity

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Please type your answers to each of the questions next to each question below.  Please be sure to show your work, as this may allow for partial credit if your final answer is incorrect!

1)      For the healthcare unit below, calculate the Total Revenue, Total Expenses, and Profit (5 pts each)

Revenues (Income Sources) Amount
Patient Revenue 2,546,400
Charitable Donations 250,000
Total Revenue
Labor costs 1,675,000
Patient Care Supplies 635,000
Housekeeping 53,000
Utilities 36,000
Total Expenses

2.       Based upon the profit you calculated, can this healthcare unit afford to purchase new ceiling lifts for their patient care rooms?  Each lift costs $8000 and there are 25 beds. Due to the high cost of these items, would they most likely come from the operating budget or the capital budget? (5 pts)

3.       Which of the expenses above is an example of a fixed cost? (5 pts)

4.       Which of the expenses above is an example of a variable cost? (5 pts)

5.       This unit has 25 beds, and the average daily census (ADC) is 22 patients.  What is the occupancy rate for beds? (10 pts)

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