MBA 600 Managing Conflict Negotiation Process

For this assignment, students are expected to observe a conflict management resolution process in the national news, business news, entertainment industry, on campus, at a place of employment, or at an organization in your community. Students will prepare notes on the conflict management process. Students will upload their assignment to the gradebook in Canvas. A successful report will include:

  • Describe the conflict being reported. Be detailed and descriptive.
  • Who are the parties involved?
  • What is the issue causing the conflict?
  • Why is the issue causing a conflict?
  • How is/was the conflict managed?
  • Which conflict management styles did the parties use?
  • Did the parties involved negotiate to resolve the conflict? If so, which negotiation strategies were effective?
  • How was the conflict resolved?
  • How did stakeholders react to the resolution of the conflict?
  • Recommend how the conflict resolution process could be improved (in your opinion from what you have learned in this course).

MBA 600 Managing Conflict Negotiation Process

Use the concepts presented in the slideshow posted in Canvas, as well as the course textbook, to analyze the nature of the situation.

Grading criteria:

80% Quality of Content in the verbal report, addressing all 10 items in the assigned list 20% Quality of the Report & creativity/originality in the class presentation