Marking criteria; Nursing 438

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  • Assignment one Marking criteria; Nursing 438
  • Find three articles on the same issue/topic. 3.5/5 Good choices except there is no scholarly peer reviewed source from the library database
  • The introduction includes a thesis that prepares your reader for the general topic the articles address, the issues they raise, and the position you will be taking. 0/10
    • There is no introduction to the issue or thesis statement or position you will be taken
  • Summarize each article 13.5/15 – well done except you were to summarize in your own words; that means no quotes or copying/pasting of images
  • Respond to the three articles by 15/30
    • a) comparing the authors’ credibility, documentation, and support for claims, there were several gaps in this discussion; anytime you make a claim that an author is credible you have to provide evidence as to how you know this know; there is no discussion on the support for claims or documentation of sources used []
    • b) evaluating any disagreements or agreements between the authors, well done []
    • c) articulating your own position on their ideas or issues—this means more than just stating your opinion: you must also explain it. [] well done
  • Describe how your personal and professional values might influence your views on this issue. 10/10 well done
  • Document your sources using correct APA style. Paper adheres to a 6 page limit excluding reference and title pages. 18/30 there was a variety of typos/ /APA errors. Also, whenever you use the exact words from another source [see your page 2], IT MUST be in quotation marks and include the precise source citation including the author name, the copyright date AND page numbers; failure to do so meets the definition of plagiarism; Additional marks are deducted. Please carefully review the academic integrity policy for students; future concerns will result in an academic review which may result in course failure.

Total: 60 %.

Introduction the title of your paper goes here; what is your topic?

Technologies in the healthcare sector are shaping the future of health care sector. Various technological advancements take place at regular pace which further is expected to help win battle against various health issues such as cancer, AIDS, Ebola, etc. however, every change implies certain level of conflict and controversies and rising technological advancements may also cause some of the major challenges for health care system. The main argument of this study is that rising technological advancements is expected to improve the universal health system of Canada. The health care professionals are required to ensure technology management in order to manage each change in most effective manner. however, the findings of this study helped in identifying that Canada still falls behind other countries in health care technologies. The given report is conducted with the aim to evaluate the major issue i.e. technological issue in health care sector of Canada by evaluating three different sources.

Technology has grown exponentially in the healthcare sector but the healthcare system of Canada has failed to comply with various technological requirements and is facing number of challenges relating to cost, ageing population and access to effective clinical services. however, technology has the potential to improve the overall working of health care but the findings of this study provides that various issues and challenges have lowered down the potential of Canadian health care system to adapt to technological change.

Where is the introduction to this issue and what you plan to do in this paper?

Summary of article Article 1:

Technology is key driver of health care system and technology is expected to transform the health care system of Canada. However, the findings of this article helped in identifying that various issues and challenges have directly impacted the usage rate of technologies. The author of this news article provided that despite the potential of technology to change the healthcare sector, number of technologies are still underused such as email, online appointment booking, etc. due to number of issues such as privacy concerns, risk aversion, change of patients misinterpreting the information, etc. however, it has been found that use of online web portals can help patients to access wide base of information such as lab results, etc. over the online platform (Sadakova, 2013).

Further, the findings of this study further helped in reviewing that despite slow uptake to some technologies, the future of Canada health care system lies in technological advancements such as Non-invasive treatments, high-intensity focused ultrasound beams,  wearable devices, etc. {this is a direct quote which requires quotation marks, source, copyright date and page numbers; failure to do so meets the definition of plagiarism]

Summary of article Article 2: please carefully review your APA formatting

After studying the news article, I visited the website ( to identify the investment made in various healthcare technologies in Canada where I found that the cost and use of medical technologies in health care sector of Canada is still low as compared to other countries (Canadian Health Policy, 2015).

The following figure shows the comparison of medical device spending of Canada as percentage of total healthcare spending: the assignment guidelines specify that the summaries are to be in your own words; that means no quotes or copying/pasting of figures/images


The above figure further helped in reviewing that the percentage of technological device spending in the healthcare sector of Canada is still very low as compared to other countries.

Summary of article Article 3:

The third article [names of both authors, copyright right date required] helped in reviewing that the Canada should lead in the healthcare technology to provide effective health care services in remote areas. However, the author recognized that adoption to health care technologies is currently very low in current times as only 1 out of 5 doctors provide online appointment booking facility and there is lack of communication of patients with doctors through email or other website. However, the findings of this study [what study do you mean; this is an opinion piece not a research study] provided that huge amount is still invested in the healthcare technologies in Canada.

Further, the author [there are two authors for this article; list both of them each time] provided that e visit program of Ontario Telemedicine Network has helped some patients to interact with doctors through text and video (Philpott & Bhattacharyya, 2019). Also, it is found that various technologies have been adopted in Alberta health system to help patients interact and communicate easily with doctors.

Comparing author Author credibilityCredibility:

Each website is created and managed in own way and thus, it becomes necessary to evaluate the credibility of each source. Also, the credibility of some online source varies from article to article. Thus, it further provides that individual must evaluate the credibility of article. In the first article i.e. “Tech innovations underused in Canadian healthcare”, a published news article from benefits Canada website was evaluated which is a reputed and credible website [based on what information?]. Also, the study was conducted in year 2013 by Yaldaz Sadakova who is a credible writer and journalist in Canada [how do you know this; based on what evidence do you make this claim?]. Further, the main of this study was to evaluate technological innovations in detail. furtherFurther, in the second article, “How much does Canada spend on medical devices relative to other countries?”, the author [who is the author; what are his credentials] conducted the study by using the secondary data [what do you mean; explain what kinds of sources were used; are they scholarly peer review or experts in their field?]. Also, the website i.e.  Canadian Health Policy journal Blog was used for the purpose of gathering detail on investment made in technological processes in health care which further is one of the most reliable source. Also, the paper used for this study was published in 2015 which also highlight the credibility of this report. Moving further, the third article selected for study was from website ( which further is also one of the most reliable news website of Canada [based on what evidence; how can you say that MacLeans is more reputable or reliable than a scholarly peer reviewed source?]. The article was published in 2020 by Nick Taylor-Vaisey who is a professional journalist of Canada and regularly research on various aspects relating to Canada. None of your articles are authored by Nick Taylor; from where are you getting this?

Evaluating agreement Agreement or disagreementsDisagreements: do NOT use any punctuation here

After reviewing the three articles, I found that all the three articles are related to each other and major concern of each article was technological innovation. In the first two articles, I found that there is very low technological advancement made in health care sector of Canada but the review of third article helped in identifying number of areas where huge investment is made in health care sector of Canada such as email, online web platform, e visit program, etc. with the aim to improve patient connectivity with doctors even from the remote areas. 

Reflection on own Own opinion Opinion and influence Influence of personal Personal and professional Professional valuesValues:

After reviewing the findings of three different researchers, I found that there is very little investment made in technological improvement in the healthcare sector in Canada. I believe that government and healthcare institutions must improve investment in the healthcare sector to improve the quality of services provided to patients. Furthermore, various Personal personal and professional values directly influence the clinical decisions. Being a health care professional, I would prefer making investment in technological processes to ensure patient-centered decision-making and to provide effective services to patients. Further, the following figure shows the values of healthcare practitioner:

Source: (Moyo, Goodyear-Smith, Weller, Robb & Shulruf, 2015) [how does this fit?]

The above figure further shows that health professionals are required to ensure equality, morality, capability, professionalism, etc. thus, in order to maintain equality among all patients, [how does this fit?] I will implement technological use in the health care setting as use of internet and online websites will help patients in the remote sector to easily avail various services, also, use of technological devices and equipment will help in providing more effective services which may help in saving the life of patients.

Thus, I will use such technologies to save the life of patient. Also, Code of ethics for public health provides that quality health service should be provided to patients. Also, I am required to act ethically and professionally in the health care setting which further provides that I must take steps to enforce technological development and safety of patient’s data.


I include in summary that Technology is helpful to save patient life. Through the technology we resolved so many disease conditionconditions like some cancer, Ebola etc. But still I Shaw [what does this mean?] in some areas that we failed the technological requirement and is facing number of challenges related to cost ageing populations etc.[what does this mean?] Furthermore I found that government has to increase little more investment in technology related to health care sector.


Moyo, M., Goodyear-Smith, F., Weller, J., Robb, G., & Shulruf, B. (2015). Healthcare practitioners’ personal and professional values. Advances Inin Health Sciences Education21(2), 257-286. doi: 10.1007/s10459-015-9626-

Philpott, J., & Bhattacharyya, O. (2019). Canada falls behind in health care technology technology.- Retrieved 5 May 2020, from

Canadian Health Policy Policy, C. (2015, July). Canadian Health Policy. Is Canada under-investing in medical technology? [Blog] Retrieved 5 May 2020, from

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