Match the following items: 1. Sustainable development 2. Full environmental costing 3….

Match the following items:

1.    Sustainable development

2.    Full environmental costing

3.    Ecoefficiency

4.    Inventory analysis

5.    Environmental detection costs

6.    Realized external failure costs

7.    Product stewardship

8.    Environmental internal failure costs

9.    Full private costing

10.     Private costs

11.     Life-cycle cost assessment

12.     Societal costs

13.     Impact analysis

14.     Improvement analysis

a.      Seventy-five grams of petroleum required per unit

b.      Designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and recycling products to minimize adverse environmental impacts







c.       Assigning only private costs to products

d.      Assigning all environmental costs to products

e.       Company cleans up an oil spill

f.       Assigning costs and benefits to the environmental consequences and improve- ments

g.       Polyfoam cups are better than paper cups

h.      Costs paid for by a third party

i.        Not compromising the needs of future generations

j.        Disposing of toxic materials

k.      Measuring contamination levels

l.        Reducing assessed environmental impacts

m.     Simultaneously reducing environmental costs and adverse impacts

n.      Environmental costs paid for by the firm