MC Opportunities for Social Emotional Development in Preschool Questions

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Journal: Embedding Opportunities for Social-Emotional Development in Preschool

The first step in embedding opportunities for social-emotional development and learning is getting to know the children in your classroom. Through observations, checklists, and other measures, you can gather information about children’s social interactions with peers or adults. You can observe how and when they interact and how they express emotions throughout the day. Using this information, you can determine what is developmentally appropriate for the children in your classroom so you can provide appropriate models or needed support. This information will help you plan what, when, and how to embed opportunities for social-emotional learning.

Watch this video to learn about embedding social-emotional skills and learning throughout the day in preschool.

Please answer the following questions;

Provide three examples of how you can embed opportunities for social-emotional learning and development in preschool classrooms.

How can you support the social-emotional skills of all preschoolers through experiences and activities?

How can you promote friendships among all children in your classroom?

What area do you feel confident?

What area are you concerned about?

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