MDC Health and Medical Discussion on James Case Study

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Address the following case study; 2 paragraph and 2 credible resource

  • James is a 51-year-old male Hispanic truck driver with a long history of diabetes and hypertension. His current medication regimen is Lisinopril 20mg QD, metformin 1000mg QD, Lipitor 40mg QHS, and ASA 81mg QD. His A1C is 7, BP is 144/80, total cholesterol is 266, HDL 44, LDL 177, and Trig 199. What other information should you know about this patient to feel confident that his care is fairly well optimized? What parameters would you like to see improved? What clinical guidelines should you adhere to when managing this patient? Are there any changes to treatment you should consider? Support your decisions with evidence.

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