Measurement of autonomy:

Measurement of autonomy: this tests whether the employee is free to do their job in the way they see fit for them.

Driver question: I have an option of choosing how I want to do my job.

Sub- driver question of flexibility: the fact that my work plan is flexible is satisfactory.

Sub- driver question (working from home). I can choose to work from home whenever I want without interference.

Measurement of work environment; it seeks to find out if employees are satisfied with their work environment.

Driver question: the environment I am working in has a positive impact to the result of my job

Sub driver question: the institution caters for informal conversations and activities at work like picking and making phone calls.

Measurement of opinion; this questionnaire looks at whether employees are free to give their ideas without fear of being rebuked or ridiculed.

Driver question: people in this institution regard what I say with respect.

Sub deriver question: the people I work with listen to other people’s opinions.

Measurement of aims; without a way to understand our own performance, anxiety around how other perceive us erodes our capability for self- expression (Brown & Leigh, 2017). This question seeks to find out whether employees understand their jobs.

Driver question: I understand that the institution expects results from me as a person.

Sub driver question: I know that how I do my job also influences my colleagues and the institution in general.

Measurement of personal growth; this one aims at quantifying how much employees have grown as people and in the job like promotions. The Two Factor Theory (Herzberg) features growth.

Driver question: I have a feeling of professional growth.

Sub driver question: I feel like there is a chance for me to grow in this institution. Moreover, my employer is always encouraging and advising me.

Measurement of support by management; it looks at the kind of relationship the managements has with employees.

Driver question: the manager is always supportive of my job and helps me whenever necessary.

Sub driver question: my manager is outspoken and communicates with me without any fear, favor or biasness.

Measurement of work meaningfulness; this question aims at understanding whether employees get a sense of meaning from their jobs without which, the results would be poor (Sarah,2017).

Driver question: my job has a lot of meaning to me as a person, I regard it very highly.

Sub driver question: I am given the chance to maximize on my strong points and stretch my abilities to the full extent.

Measurement of organizational fit; organizational fit first came to prominence in the 1980s as a part of Person Environment Fit Theory (French, Caplan and Harrison, 2018).

Driver question: the goals of this institution go hand in hand with my values and principles as a person