For years there have been very distinct lines of service between hospitals and private medical practices. Those lines are becoming more blurred with the impact of change and reform in the healthcare industry. In this assignment, you will research and discuss the changes in medical practices and for medical doctors over the past 100 years.

Action Items

  1. Complete the assigned readings for this week.
  2. Review the previous course reading assignments and article research related to this assignment.
  3. Locate an article in theFranklin University Nationwide Library databases or on the Internet to use in this assignment. The article cannot be more than two years old.
  4. Write a 3 page paper that includes the following elements:
    • Identify the medical doctor’s professional changes over the past century.
    • Provide information on the historical changes for medical practices.
    • Discuss aspects of the current trends in the healthcare industry and the impact they will have on physicians and medical practices.
  5. Your paper must follow APA guidelines, and include:
    • Cover page (with your name, course, section, date submitted, and your professor’s name)
    • Reference page
    • Introductory paragraph

Note: Your cover and reference pages are not counted in your paper length.