Mexican Culture Infographic

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 explore a culture different from your own. You will use the topics covered throughout the course (and what you find researching on your own), and apply them to a culture you don’t know about. You will present what you find in a podcast, video, website, social media page, infographic, or other format of your choice. The only thing you cannot do is write a paper or present a PowerPoint. You will need to cover the following things in your project:

What culture did you choose to explore and why? 

What are their emotional display rules? 

Communication style?  

Are they individualistic or collectivistic??  

What are some common celebrations and why??   

  • How about government style?  

Compare and contrast the culture you chose to the individualistic culture of the United States. 

  • How would someone’s cultural values impact how they might view the world and current events?  

How do all these things affect the way individuals from this culture behave 

  • and their every-day life? etc  

What strategies could be used to raise awareness in the general population about the role of culture in shaping behavior and personality? 

  • I selected Mexican culture .

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