MGMT 4690 HRM News

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MGMT 4690 HRM News



Students will find and summarize one current news article on a topic of interest that has HRM implications. The news/event must be no more than 12 months old and must be preapproved . Students will (1) briefly summarize the news and explain the implications for HRM in discussion forum on D2L and (2) deliver a short, informal presentation to the class on the selected date.



· Send the current event/news article to the professor at least 3 days prior to your presentation day for preapproval. A response will be sent within 48 hours. Send the current event/news article as a PDF as links often do not work!

· Discussion posts must be submitted to the designated forum by 11:59 PM on the selected date. Include the link/URL for your event at the top of your discussion post. Copy and paste the discussion post to a MS Word document and submit to the designated dropbox by the due date along with a PDF of the news article.

· Deliver an informal presentation lasting 3-4 minutes on the chosen date. Students may use whatever format they prefer. If PowerPoint or another presentation tool is used, then no more than three slides may be used.



· Your summary of the news should be at least 200 words but not more than 300 words. Share the main facts (3-4 sentences) and then the implications (why HRM professionals should pay attention to this news or how they could use the insights you gleaned from the news).

· The article must be published by February 1, 2022, or later.

· The article must consist of at least 600 words. If your source is shorter, you will not have enough content to use. You must save the article as a PDF (you can usually do this by choosing print, save as PDF).

· Suggested websites for searching include, in no particular order,,,,,,,,, and

· Do not pay for access to a current event! Contact the professor before going that route.

· Do not use a research article. Those publications are not news.

· No quotes are allowed in the summary. Do not use phrases of four words or more from your source. Instead, use proper paraphrasing (put the information in your own words). There is no need for an in-text citation here as your reference will be the assumed source.

· The presentation should summarize the highlights of the current event. Points will be deducted for presentations that are shorter than 3.00 minutes or longer than 4.5 minutes. Students choose the format of the presentation, but no more than three slides may be included if using PowerPoint or something similar. Handouts may be used but are not required. Students have autonomy on how to present the information, but do not read to us.


NOTE: If you miss your presentation date but still post your summary by the deadline, then a zero will be given for the presentation portion unless you have a university-sanctioned reason for missing (refer to the syllabus). The presentation portion would be due the next class period. Please plan ahead and make sure you attend on the date you selected.




· Quality of the current event (10)

· The event is directly related to the chosen topic and is from a reputable source.

· Make sure your current event is preapproved!


· Quality of the analysis and critical thinking (25)

· Accurate and thorough summary, demonstrating analytical skills

· Meaningful implications, demonstrating critical thinking and reflection

· Major points will be deducted if you just rephrase the article.


· Presentation (15)

· Clearly communicates the relevance/implications of the current event

· Presents in an engaging, interesting way (do not read to us!)


Instructions/specifications must be followed. Deductions not included in the rubric will be made for not following instructions, including not getting the current event preapproved in advance. Writing quality is not a graded component, but up to 20% will be deducted if the writing is so poor that it’s hard to understand (5+ significant errors). Use the editor tool in MS Word or Grammarly to check the quality of your writing.

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