1. Foodborne diseases are a common, costly yet preventable public health problem?

Analyse this statement and discuss it in respect to bacterial agents of foodborne disease.


  1. Microbiological risk assessment (MRA) is an important tool in food safety management


-Describe the general principles of a MRA and discuss its use in respect of a pathogen –food combination of your choice. Explain how this information may be further applied in the context of food safety management.

1375 word



“Raw meat and poultry are nutritious growth media for microorganisms”

Critically analyse this statement in the context of product spoilage, including sources of contamination and the impact of intrinsic, extrinsic and implicit factors. Discuss the “Hurdle Concept” and how this might be applied in meat processing.


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“Factory farms, antibiotics and the emergence of superbugs”

Discuss the use of antibiotics in food producing animals and the impact that their use is having on the development of resistance and ultimately on Public Health

1375 word