The task is to create a Mind Map that depicts your cultural identity, values, beliefs and attitudes followed by a written reflection that examines how your cultural identity impacts on or may conflict with professional interactions and practice.
Instructions: Mind Map

1. Construct a Mind Map as a visualisation tool. You can do this in several ways, including:
§ PowerPoint slide
§ poster template
§ hand drawn or created using a particular medium then photographed
§ using a specific mind mapping application.
2. The Mind Map needs to include four (4) key elements of your cultural identity (e.g. Family, Class, Gender, Ethnicity, Race, Spirituality, Education, Life Experience, History) and identify the values, beliefs and attitudes that stem or were derived from each of the four (4) chosen elements.

Instructions: Written Reflection

3. Write a reflection examining how the four (4) key elements and the derived values, beliefs and attitudes impact on and/or may conflict with professional interactions and practice in the health care environment.
4. Reference to the literature is required to support your argument or assertions.