Minority Report essay

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I need the pre reflection ( 3 points, three sentences ) + post reflection ( 200 words minimum)

Everything is explained clearly in the syllabus

This time is about “Minority Report (2002)”

  • Use active viewing skills to gain insights on real-world science and technology-related challenges and opportunities from movies.
  • Discuss how science fiction movies can provide insights into the potential benefit and risks of new and emerging technologies.
  • Discuss a number of emerging trends in science and technology and the opportunities and challenges they present, including the underlying scientific and social principles; including genetic engineering, cloning, human enhancement, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, synthetic biology and geoengineering.
  • Describe the reciprocal relationship between science and society, and explain why inclusive and transdisciplinary approaches are needed for successful and responsible technology innovation, together with how this might occur.
  • Formulate, communicate, and defend well-informed views of your own on the development of beneficial and socially responsive and responsible science and technology.


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