Module 1 – SLPBUYER BEHAVIOR, MARKET ANALYSIS, AND PUBLIC RELATIONSAssignment Overview Marketing Public Relations Connections between marketing and public relations have grown stronger over the last d

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Marketing Public Relations

Connections between marketing and public relations have grown stronger over the last decade. Some experts have coined Marketing Public Relations (MPR) as an area of expertise in the field. MPR is another way to communicate messages to the market, specifically the internet which is already highly saturated with all sorts of ads and promotions.

Session Long Project 1 Resources

What is Marketing Public Relations? (2021)

Public Relations Marketing: 5 Ways Not To Fail (2021)

Public Relations Helps Build Goodwill (2021)

Why The Most Memorable — And Powerful — PR Is Personal (2021)

13 Tactics To Counter Negative Publicity When Internal Issues Become PR Crises (2021)

How To Rebrand After A PR Crisis: Nine Experts Weigh In (2021)

How PR & Marketing Work Better Together (2019)

SLP Assignment

Small Business MPR Communication

For this project, select a small business. It can be a store from your hometown, a favorite family-owned restaurant, or an online business. You may even use a small club, charity, group, or house of worship for the assignment. While large corporations use MPR, it can be successful in a local market because a few extra sales or one or two new customers can make a large difference for a small business.

An MPR communication combines a press release with blog writing. You want to make something about your chosen business interesting and newsworthy. It could be a story about the owners, the company helping the community, an event, or an innovative product or service it offers.


While you are writing, think about a great title that will make people want to read.

The Lead (50 words)

  • Start with an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention and make them want to find out more.

    • Includes who, what, where, when, and why plus subject, verb, and object.

The Body (200-300 words)

  • Focus on a single topic. Follow up with supporting information (the most important content first).

    • Divided into 3- to 5-line paragraphs.

Boilerplate Information

  • The organization’s name, address, etc. A little about the company (2-3 sentences).

    • EXAMPLE: Click on a News Release to see what Trident uses. Your version will be shorter.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Use the attached template (MKT301 SLP1) to create your submission.

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