Module 6 Laura Mulvey Spectatorship of Visual Representation Genders Subjects Discussion

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This assignment enables students to apply Laura Mulvey’s insights on the ways that spectatorship of visual representation genders subjects.

Select ONE sequence (5-10 minutes) from any film, music video, meme, or TV show of your choosing (EXCEPT anything that you have created) drawing on Laura Mulvey’s concepts, provide an analysis of the ways that the gaze represented in this sequence represents gender. In your submission, provide a link to the sequence that you have selected. Please remember to include a jpg of or link to your selected image in your submission so that your instructor and peer review can follow your analysis.

Word limit: 500 words

Format:  This is a short essay. Your task is to provide a persuasive interpretation of the meaning of your image based on evidence drawn from your close reading of its visual elements. Towards this end, there should be a brief introduction that prepares your readers for the main points you will be making. This is followed by body paragraphs, carefully structured so that the visual elements you will be examining receive fulsome consideration. The short assignment should end with a conclusion that wraps up your larger point.

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