Montgomery College Biology Presentation

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i have 2 figure summary i only want to slide of powerpoint

For graph A

In experiments by Dersh, Iwamoto & Argon (2016), the researchers wanted to discover variations in mutant structure and biochemistry. Expression of the FLAG-HEXA structures shown in (A) was carried out in Cell lines for 20 hours before harvesting in lysis solution with 1% NP-40. Sonication and heating were used to remove residual insoluble impurities in 3% SDS (Dersh, Iwamoto & Argon, 2016). Researchers performed electrophoresis and Western blot analysis using anti-FLAG on NP-40 solubility (5% of overall) with NP-40 insoluble (10% of overall) sample


The investigation in figure 7 was set to discover mutations, pharmacological suppression of ERAD, and how it does not restore enzyme reactions. Researchers performed Western blotting on whole-cell lysates to check whether mannose trimming was blocked. FLAG-E482K and FLAG-G269S generating cells in (B) is either being left untreated or treated with 5 g/ml kifunensine (kif) for 1.5 h. the control for the trial where the MUGS experiment diluted to minimize enzyme saturation as examined by either untransfected or infected cells with the appropriate plasmids(Dersh, Iwamoto & Argon, 2016). Based on the results, kifunensine did not significantly improve the activities in any of the examined HEXA variants while increasing Hex activity produced from the untransfected cell. Kifunensine therapy of E482K-expressing cells showed a boost in E482K/ contact, perhaps owing to a practical dimerization domain, although probably due to its extended ER residence

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