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For this week I would like you to
consider the areas of history and rise of Multiculturalism in Theatre,
Film and T.V. that we have studied and covered this semester. I would
like you to think about and consider how these areas of study have
impacted your point of view overall about the power of the Arts
generally, and Theatre, T.V and Film more specifically to bring our
society away from the trenches of racism, ethnic class systems, the
politics and culture of American “Jim Crow”, ethnic and cultural
xenophobia, gender inequality, poverty, crime, upward mobility and all
of the other topics and issues that you researched and thoughtfully
spoke to during this course.

Which of our areas of study: African American Theatre, Asian American Theatre, LGBT Theatre, Latino Theatre, Women in Theatre, Urban Theatre, did
you feel you learned or were impacted by the most? Which area of study
did you feel most passionate about? Perhaps the question is which area
of study was closest to you? Perhaps one of these weeks of study led you
to discover a more specific Theatre group, play, playwright, or
specific artist(s) that inspired you, challenged you, touched you or
perhaps, even provoked you?

For your assignment I would like you to choose an area of
study from our course work that you would like to do further study and
research on.

You will write up a one page double spaced proposal as to why you chose this specific topic to further research.

Why does this specific topic interest you or what about the topic struck you when first studied?

Why do you believe this specific area of study should be research further?

What do you hope to learn more about with this study and research?

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