MPS618 All Assignments (November 2018)

MPS 618 Group Dynamics

Module 4 Assignment

The Case Assignment for this course will be a 5-8 page essay (excluding title page and references page) analyzing a group that has displayed evidence of groupthink. This may be a group that you have had experience with or a group you have learned about through research or throughout the news. You may use any group you want with the exception of the Adventure Consultants Mt. Everest group.

Using the information learned in the first four modules, you will want to include group description, group structure, group formation, and group efficiency. Analyze the emergence of groupthink in the group and how or why it may have occurred. Propose ways that groupthink may have been subverted.

NOTE: This is not an opinion paper – be sure to find research to support any points you are making in your paper. You should use a minimum of 3-4 academic sources (such as found in the library) in your Case Assignment.

Writing expectations include competency in the following:

Thesis Statement, Introduction, and Conclusion: your essay must have a thesis statement, introduction, and conclusion that are all supported by research and analysis.

Focus and Organization Spelling, Punctuation, Capitalization, and Sentence Structure Grammar, Verb Tense, Agreement Pronoun Use: when writing academic papers, do not use “I,” “you,” “we,” or other personal pronouns. When doing academic writing, we do not want your opinion – we want to know what the experts say about the topic you are researching.

Possessive Use and Contractions: be sure you understand the difference between them. Do not use contractions such as “don’t” or “isn’t” – all contractions should be written out, like “do not” or “is not.”

Written assignments must be submitted in APA format. At a minimum:

Your essay should have a cover page and reference page. Abstracts are not required. Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman. When quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing information taken from another source, use in-text citations to indicate source of information, with complete reference information on the reference page. Every reference needs a citation, and every citation needs a reference.

You must cite all texts using in-text citations (including author, year and page number) and the full reference information on a separate reference page, as required by APA formatting guidelines. Acts of plagiarism will result in a zero. Please note that Wikipedia may be helpful in locating links that will take you to credible sources of information, but quotations from Wikipedia text are not recognized as credible, scholarly sources of information. Encyclopedias and dictionaries should not be used as references in college level work, and blogs are not credible resources, either. If you do not turn in your Case Assignment before the deadline, points may be deducted from your score for tardiness. If you anticipate a problem turning in your assignment on time, please contact your instructor immediately to avoid a failing grade for non-submission.

MPS 618 Group Dynamics

Module 8 Assignment

Signature Assignment

The Signature Assignment will be an 8-10 page (excluding title page and references page) research essay analyzing the group dynamics of a group of your choosing and related to your field. Similar to the Case Assignment, the group chosen for analysis should be one you have experienced personally or professionally, have learned about through experiential means, or would like to create in your field.

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of group dynamics, relate this understanding to your field, and be able to analyze and mitigate potential pitfalls for group-related work.

As part of this research paper, analyze the group’s:







Intragroup conflicts

Intergroup relations

Potential for negative effects of this grouping.

NOTE: This is not an opinion paper – be sure to find research to support any points you are making in your paper. You should use a minimum of 5-8 credible sources in your Signature Assignment.

MPS 618 Group Dynamics

Module 8 Assignment

Student Self-Reflective Essay

The purpose of the Student Self-Reflective Essay is to reflect upon what one has learned or how one has performed as compared with one’s expectations or goals.

At the end of each course, we ask students to respond to five (5) statements. In your essay please respond in sequential order to the five (5) statements below. There is no requirement for length when responding to each statement.

1. Descriptions of how you feel you improved your knowledge, skills, abilities, and yourself in this session through this course.

2. Evaluation of the work you did during the session for the class and explanations of ways you could have performed better.

3. Topics you have identified that you did not understand or were not successful in trying to implement and suggestions you may have about how to improve the course material on those topics.

4. Ways you might measure the future effects of what you have learned in this course or your future progress/improvement.

5. State whether you achieved the course outcomes, (Student Learning Outcomes stated in the Syllabus).