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1.whcih statement accurately provides an underlying reason for the zoot suit riots?

a.many of the sailors who took part were from areas of the country that were rabidly anti-immigrant.

b.the suits were associated with ltalian fashions similar to what was worn by European anarchists. some sailors, the suits were both defiant and unpatriotic.

d.many of the sailors who took part were of Mexican descent themselves and resented the teenage zoot suiters’ freedoms and prosperity.

2.How did Roosevelt and the war department justify the refusal to bomb rail lines leading to Nazi death camps?

a.the rail lines were too well defended.

b.american intelligence had yet to discover the rail lines.

c.the allies had yet to find evidence of the holocaust. attempt to rescue civilians would divert resources from military operations.

3.opeartion overlord was the name given to secret planning for _______.

a.a series of meeting between FDR and stalin.

b.the D-Day landing in Normandy.

c.a pacific island-hopping campaign.

d.a coordinated naval attack in Southeast Asia.

4.what event did president roosevelit describe as “a date which will live in infamy”?

a.bombing of pearl harbor

b.annexation of the Sudetenland

c.first wave of D-Day

d.liberation of ohrdruf.

5. The Atlantic Charter an undeclared between which two nations?

a.the United States and Canada

b.Great Britain and the United States

c.Germany and Italy

d.Great Britain and France

6. what is a plausible reason that Truman authorized the use of the atomic bomb against Japan? intimidate stalin and assure postwar American dominance justify massive military expenditures on the manhattan project kill as many japanese as possible, in order to punish them for war crimes warn Germany that it, too, would face atomic attack if it did not surrender.

7. How did the supreme court case of korematsu V. united states affect japanese americans during the war. barred japanese americans from serving in the armed forces ordered the confiscation of japanese property in the united states upheld FDR’s relocation and internment program ordered the deportation of persons of japanese ancestry as security risks

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