• National and world economy impact

Impact of economic and outside influences to SHANDS HOSPITAL- UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA  http://jax.shands.org/

• National and world economy impact

• Explanation of the sustainability of this organizational care model

• Healthcare reform

• Regulations

• Summarize the info regarding SHANDS HOSPITAL- UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA in your conclusion.

• Provide a glimpse into the future for SHANDS HOSPITAL- UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA based on your learning.

• Combine all parts into a narrative, using APA formatting and citation style.

This narrative report is essentially a detailed, comprehensive assessment of your capstone experience.

You will need to cite at least 4 references (your organization’s web page counts as 1 even though you will reference many pages of the web site in your paper) in the complete report. Prepare this Assignment according to APA formatting and citation style and 2,000 words minimum. Provide all references used and cite in text where used. NO PLAGIARISM!