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Healthcare, in general, is a multi-dimensional system that includes many working parts such as the patient, healthcare workers, stakeholders, health system organization, insurance companies, healthcare facilities/organizations, and the Government. With that in mind, it is important that strategic planning is done. Strategic health planning involves creating objectives and setting goals for where a healthcare organization would like to go in the future and then constructing a plan to achieve these objectives. With strategic planning, it is important to take into consideration the rapid changes in technology.

Refine an understanding of strategic planning and digital health.

Include the following aspects in the discussion:

1) What are the fundamentals of digital health (provide an example with an explanation of their uses), and why is it important?

2) Discuss how strategic planning varies from healthcare to business.

3) How does strategic planning affect advances in digital health?

4) Discuss in detail what type of leadership is needed to bring forth strategic planning for digital health.

5) Discuss the importance of regulating digital health.


                                                               CLASSMATE’S POST

The organization’s strategic planning is just half the battle; the leader is responsible for making it succeed or fail. To make planning successful and efficient, there must be trustworthy, inspiring, and motivating leadership. Being able to trust managers and subordinates increases productivity and effectiveness. Having someone to encourage and motivate throughout your performance is like frosting on the cake. Digital health is evolving, and having trustworthy, enthusiastic, and driving leadership will continuously emphasize the overall organization objective to accomplish maintaining quality and quantity of production. The ability to trust and be inspired while working in a healthy work environment. According to an Oncology Practice (2009), effective communication and team-building are critical whether your strategic planning results in adjustments or shifts the practice in a new path. Leaders who are trustworthy, engaging, and motivating create a positive work atmosphere while maintaining effective communication and focusing on overall performance to achieve organizational goals.

Active leaders and their well-organized personalities will aid in preparing the direction for new generations. To overcome our deficiencies and to sustain and improve the quality of healthcare services, we must regulate digital health care. Health care services are being used more now than ever before because of the advancement and availability of digital health, encouraging patients to seek medical assistance, and influencing self-care. To preserve this, we must govern digital health via strong strategic planning that considers future demands and therefore is led by excellent leaders.


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