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Topic: The impact of forces of globalization on East Asia. Discuss at least two dimensions of globalization—the economy, politics, culture, ecology, ideology—and their impact on East Asia. Be sure to describe both positive and negative aspects, and explain what you imagine the future of the region will be as a result.

In this research paper, I can choose any dimensions you familiar with.

Requirements:(Please note)
Conduct research using at least one outside source. You may use books, journal articles,, newspaper articles, films, or reliable internet sources for your outside research.
Discuss the question from a multidisciplinary perspective. You should state your thesis at the outset, support your thesis in the body of the paper, and write a convincing conclusion.
1300-1500 words, including bibliography/works cited.

Grading Rubric (total: 20 pts.)Please also follow the grading rubric to make the complete assignment.
Your thesis is stated clearly at outset in relation to impact of forces of globalization on East Asia (4 pts.)
Your discussion is well organized, supports your thesis, and shows accurate grasp of concepts and facts (4 pts.)
Your discussion addresses both positive & negative aspects and explains your vision of the region’s future (4 pts.)
Your discussion makes good use of at least one outside source and reflects multidisciplinary perspectives (4 pts.)

Your conclusion is convincing, fits your thesis, and derives logically from your discussion (4 pts.)

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