news events

news events

Discussion Question: Identify at least one event this week that has the potential to influence business. Give us a short summary of what the event is and how it can impact companies at the local, domestic or international levels (provide a link to the article or story if possible). What do you think of it? Here are some brief examples of the kind of news events you can look for (all from this week, Jan 30 – Feb 2):

1. St. Louis Public Radio carries  a story on how President Trump’s executive orders on immigration, refugees, and enforcement are affecting St. Louis.

2. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the right-to-work law is on Governor Greitens’ desk; the law would prohibit labor unions from collecting dues from workers as a condition of employment.

3. The BBC reports that Brexit and the falling pound have boosted British luxury car sales.

4. The New York Times points out that several states have raised the minimum wage in 2017 – good for workers, but higher labor costs for employers.

5. Finally, Bloomberg reports on Italy’s shrinking GDP per capita since the introduction of the Euro.

Remember that you need to tell us (a) what happened, (b) how it can impact business, and (c) what you think of it.