Northeastern University Ford F150 Qualitative Risk Analytics Research Paper

The primary purpose of qualitative risk analytics is to rank, prioritize, and categorize risks for the purpose of determining and assessing if further analysis is justified to clearly articulate and quantify the risk. In this week’s assignment you are requested to qualitatively assess the three risks you identified in the week two assignment and assess if they could potentially require further quantitative analysis. You are then requested to provide a two page summary of how you qualitatively assessed these risks using Scenario Analytics and Industry Fusion Analytics. I am not expecting you to perform a detailed qualitative risk assessment. In this class we are more concerned with the analytics-based methods and techniques used in risk identification, assessment, and mitigation. I would only request that you summarize what steps you would take or have hypothetically taken to assess the likelihood and impact for each of your three risks using the conceptual techniques described in the chapters. It is important for you to conclude, by risk, if there is a need for further quantifiable analysis.

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