Nova Southeastern University Atlantic Ocean and blew off the coast of Africa Discussion

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The Saharan dust moved across the Atlantic Ocean and blew off the coast of Africa, which reach South Florida in early July. We have also seen bigger denser clouds and hotter days. With that said, Saharan dust can be harmful as the dust worsens our air quality. Therefore, with the negative impact of the Saharan dust, we are seeing more patients presenting in the office with runny noses, scratchy throats, eye irritation, post-nasal drainage, sneezing, and sometimes congestion, even asthmatic patients, and other respiratory diseases we are seeing this time of year in the summer. Not to mention, if patients are traveling to and from New York or Canada for a vacation, where the air quality is so bad from the Canadian wildfires that has contributed to patients developing allergic rhinitis due to substances that provoke an allergic response. I came across an article that states that allergy diseases, such as asthma and allergic rhinitis, are becoming increasingly prevalent types of respiratory illnesses for individuals of all ages worldwide, which has an impact on patient quality of life and increases healthcare expenses (Qi et al., 2021). For that reason, when prevention is insufficient, the patient should seek treatment as well as be advised to avoid contact with the trigger allergens.

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Qi, Y., Shi, P., Chen, R., Zhou, Y., Liu, L., Hong, J., Cao, L., Lu, Y., Dong, X., Li, J., Shi, Y., Xia, M., Ding, B., Qian, L., Wang, L., Zhou, W., Gui, Y., & Zhang, X. (2021). Characteristics of childhood allergic diseases in outpatient and emergency departments in Shanghai, China, 2016-2018: A multicenter, retrospective study. BMC Pediatrics, 21(1), 1–10. to an external site.

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