NRSG371 Building Healthy Communities

NRSG371 EUO_202030
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine
SEMESTER 1, 2020
NRSG371 Building Healthy Communities
UNIT OUTLINE – Revised COVID-19 Impacted
Credit points: 10

Prerequisites: For BN, BNBADM and BN/BP students:

For BN (EN) students:
National Lecturer in Charge: Sandi Mackey
Office location: Canberra
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Unit rationale, description and aim: To function effectively as a graduate nurse, a working
knowledge of the larger context of health is essential. This unit is required by students to
assist them to understand the role of the nurse in health promotion, community settings and
community engagement, as well as how nurses work with other disciplines and key
This unit will assist students to understand that the care they provide as graduates across a
variety of clinical settings is contextualized within the larger context of health. Using ACU’s
community engagement principles and values, students will examine key issues in working in
community settings as well as reflect on participating in community engagement. The creation
of healthy communities will be examined by focusing on the role of health promotion and selfmanagement in illness prevention. The role of the nurse in health promotion program planning
and evaluation will be examined. A particular emphasis will be on how nurses work with other
disciplines and key community stakeholders in partnership to promote healthy communities.
Further, the changing role of health care and how the nurse might evolve to function optimally
in a changing environment will also be addressed.
NRSG371 EUO_202030
The aim of this unit is to assist students to function optimally as a graduate nurse in meeting
diverse health and well-being needs of individuals and communities across a range of local
and global settings.