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Week 6 – Assignment: Develop a Synthesis Paper Based on Themes

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In this assignment, you will continue to review the research literature that began with the first five sources gathered in Week 3 and continued with the five sources added in Week 5. For this exercise, continue to focus on sources related to research studies. You are strongly encouraged to use the Note-Taking Template with these new sources, and then add them to the synthesis matrix.

In addition, you will begin to review each source in the discursive format (reasoned analytical discourse) expected for the literature review paper based on a series of themes developed in Week 5 where you grouped the 10 sources gathered thus far under categorical or theme headings in the annotated outline. Be sure to utilize the resources to guide your writing and also incorporate the divergent perspectives or similarities between findings. This review paper will be a structured paper based on the research and synthesis you have done up to this point using the themes that were determined in Weeks 4 and 5. This effort will be revisited in the Week 7 Signature Assignment where the discussion will be further developed using additional resources.

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