NUR 3119 Professional Nursing: Concepts and Issues

NUR 3119 Professional Nursing: Concepts and Issues

Quiz 5

Question 1According to Graves and Corcoran, what is nursing informatics?

The combination of computer and information science with nursing science

All computer technology

The medical record

Internet and World Wide Web sources of healthcare information

Question 2According to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, what are the top three job responsibilities of an informatics nurse?

Research, marketing, and testing

Systems implementation, systems development, and liaison

Computer skills, purchasing, and database design

Policy writing, security concerns, and computer maintenance

Question 3

As a nurse, you do return demonstrations of procedures to determine which of the following?

Synthesized information

Theory bases

Data collection

Information processors

Question 4

Benefits of computerized physician order entry may include which of the following?

Reduction of adverse patient outcomes with only a slightly higher cost of care

Decreased adverse effects for patients, reduction of cost of care, and decrease in length of stay for patients

Higher costs, decreased length of stay

Lower costs, increased length of stay, and a decrease in adverse patient outcomes

Question 5

Evaluating the integrity of a hospital information system includes review of which of the following?

Confidence, competence, and compassion

Ethics, confidentiality, and caring processes

Empirical data, personal data, and esthetic data

Prizing, valuing, and choosing

Question 6

In the hospital setting, what may the job description of informatics nurses involve?

Programming computers

Any aspect of information systems

Managing medical records departments

Managing the help desk

Question 7

In the hospital setting, which overarching concepts are used in informatics theories and sciences? (Select all that apply.)

Telehealth needs

Data, information, and knowledge


Phenomena of nursing

Computer science and information science

Question 8

In the study done by Sensmeir and Weaver (2007), what was the largest barrier to success as a nurse informaticist?



Financial resources

Support systems

Question 9

Nurses can be certified in nursing informatics through which of the following?

American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

American Nurses Association (ANA)

The state board of nursing (BON) in which they have primary residence

Any accredited master of nursing (MSN) program

Question 10

Priorities for research in nursing informatics include which of the following?

Cost-effectiveness of advanced practice nursing

Patient satisfaction

Disease state outcomes

Putting technology into practice and system evaluation

Question 11Rachel, the informatics nurse, is concerned about the height of the stand for the portable laptop computers that the hospital is considering buying. Which concept is she addressing?



Situational awareness

Evidenced-based practice

Question 12

Sheri wants to be certified as an informatics nurse. She has a BSN and has worked full time as a RN for 2 years. Her license is current in New York. Sheri has practiced 2,500 hours as an informatics nurse over the last 3 years. What other requirement will the ANCC expect?

12 semester hours of academic credit in informatics courses that are part of a graduate informatics nursing program

1,000 work hours as an informatics supervisor

30 hours of continuing education in informatics within the last 3 years

200 hours of faculty-supervised practicum in informatics

Question 13

The term data integrity refers to which of the following?

Use of current technology

Communication of data

Accurate and complete data

Privacy of client information

Question 14The term informatics is used to describe which of the following?

The use of the World Wide Web


How nurses use data

All aspects of computers and information systems

Question 15What do requirements for certification as an informatics nurse include?

A minimum of a baccalaureate degree in nursing or relevant field

An advanced practice license

A minimum of an associate degree in nursing

A master’s degree in nursing

Question 16What does the acronym HIPAA stands for?

Health Information Privacy Protection Act

Human Information Personal Protection Act

Higher Insurance Privacy Protection Act

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Question 17Which of the following does the HON code of conduct address?

Patient respect

Nurse conduct

Credibility of information on the World Wide Web

Reliability of information posted on PDAs

Question 18Which of the following is a definition of data?

Synthesized information

Related concepts

Discrete entities that are described objectively without interpretation

Interpreted, organized, or structured information

Question 19

Which of the following is an application(s) of information technology that is currently important to nursing?

Internet access for patients

Physician order entries

Electronic transmission of prescriptions

Wireless and portable devices

Computer-based patient records

Question 20Which of the following is a definition of information?

Related concepts

Interpreted, organized, or structured data

Synthesized data

Discrete entities that are described objectively without interpretation