NUR3119 Quiz 3 (October 2019)

NUR 3119 Professional Nursing: Concepts and Issues

Quiz 3

Question 1

Which option is characteristic of qualitative research?

It uses experimental methods.

It explores the subjective experience of human beings.

It uses precise measurement for data collection.

It analyzes numerical data.

Question 2

A literature review before conducting research serves which purpose? (Select all that apply.)

It can establish the body of knowledge related to the research problem.

It can identify gaps in the literature.

It may provide an answer to the question posed.

It prevents the researcher from being charged with plagiarism.

It may change the problem focus, based upon previous findings.

Question 3

Which option reflects a quantitative research design?

The researcher has created a design that includes control of extraneous variables.

The researcher plans to investigate and explain the research question through narrative data.

To collect data, the researcher will conduct a series of unstructured interviews with the study participants.

The research is designed to explore the way the study participants feel about their experiences with the research topic.

Question 4

The nurse has read about a clinical innovation that is evidence-based. The nurse is developing a positive attitude about the use of this innovation. Which stage of Rogers’ theory of diffusion of innovation does this reflect?





Question 5

The nurse wants to develop an evidence-based practice. What must this nurse do first?

Get permission from his or her employer.

Learn to critically appraise research reports.

Contact a consultant to help him or her learn about EBP.

Methodically categorize research findings in the nurse’s specialty area.

Question 6

Why is research important in nursing?

Nurses are expected to adopt evidence-based practice into their decision making.

Outcomes are more important than process.

The nurses’ prime consideration should be cost-effectiveness.

It uses the scientific approach.

Question 7

What are the purposes of scientific research? (Select all that apply.)






Question 8

How does today’s healthcare consumerism affect the need for collaboration?

Consumers are not interested in how lifestyle affects health.

Consumers expect to be involved in decision making.

Consumers are hesitant to assume responsibility for their own health.

Consumers expect physicians to make decisions for them.

Question 9

What project was undertaken in response to the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations on reducing errors in health care?

American Medical Association’s Nurse Safety Group

American Society of Nurses Quality and Safety Consortium

Emergency Care Project

Quality and Safety Education for Nurses

Question 10

What is true about poverty in the United States?

The number of poor in the United States has decreased sharply in the last 10 years.

The number of people living in extreme poverty has increased in recent years.

The number of poor in the United States has increased sharply in the last 10 years.

The number of people living in extreme poverty has decreased in recent years.

Question 11

The laboratory supervisor states, “I would like to collaborate with nursing services to improve the way they order laboratory tests.” What is the error in this statement?

Laboratory supervisors should have no influence on nursing service.


An integrated delivery system centers on the client’s health needs, not on the particular care given by one group.

The issues between laboratory services and nursing services are generally related to the way orders are written by physicians.

Collaboration cannot occur between disciplines in a hospital.

Question 12

What must nurses do to fulfill a collaborative role?

Graduate with at least a baccalaureate degree.

Assume increased authority in practice areas.

Redesign unit policies to allow collaboration.

Lobby state boards of nursing to approve this collaborative role.

Question 13

The nurse-manager has received several reports of unprofessional behavior regarding a nurse. While discussing these reports with the nurse, the manager remains warm, caring, and respectful. What type of feedback is the manager providing?





Question 14

The conflict negotiator tells the group that the desire is a win-win solution. What does this desire indicate?

Each side of the argument gets all it requests.

One side and the negotiator are successful in winning at least one point in the argument.

Each side is satisfied with the resolution.

In order to achieve resolution, each side compromises on items it views as important.

Question 15

Benner identified six types of power used by nurses. With which concept are these powers associated?





Question 16

Who might the nurse who wishes to know more about legislative matters related to nursing in his or her area contact?

The National League for Nursing

The local medical society


The state or provincial nursing association

Question 17

The nurse is trying to get coworkers to understand the importance of being politically active. The coworkers have begun to ask questions about how they can become involved. Which stage of political development are these coworkers exhibiting?




Political sophistication

Question 18 In which activities do political action committees (PACs) primarily engage?

Developing organizational policies

Collective bargaining

Endorsing political candidates for office

Filing civil lawsuits

Question 19

Which skills are useful in increasing the nurse’s political astuteness and activity? (Select all that apply.)

Keep informed about health issues.

Be able to analyze an issue.

Be able to speak out and voice an opinion.

Be able to work best independently.

Have the ability to use a power base.

Question 20

Who was the nurse who used her contacts with powerful men in government to obtain needed personnel and supplies for wounded soldiers in the Crimea?

Harriet Tubman

Florence Nightingale

Lillian Wald

Margaret Sanger