Nurses Role Confidence Interval Interpretation Discussion

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Many nurses do not realize that while they are working, they are actually applying research studies to their everyday practice. There is a correlation between hypothesis testing and even confidence intervals in nursing. According to Ambrose, “The length or amount of distance between intervals is defined and is equal. Each interval is the same and can be hours, months, inches, feet, or whatever is predetermined within the conceptual framework, which is the way the research is organized to reach the project’s purpose. For example, the number of occurrences for the National Patient Safety Goals are reported on a quarterly basis to evaluate hospital performance” (2018). This statement shows that there is a major connection between levels and healthcare because patient safety goals are what nurses and hospitals strive to achieve in their own facility.

Confidence intervals are used to make better decisions in the nursing world. A major one that I use in my nursing practice would be like stated above, trying to achieve patient safety by using the patient safety goals which are all based on confidence intervals. We always make sure beds are locked before transferring the patient from one bed to another. According to the American Nurse Today, “…But knowing the importance of the CI allows you to interpret research for its impact on your practice. Evidence-based decision making is central to healthcare transformation. To make good decisions, you must know how to interpret and use research and practice evidence” (2016). Once someone knows how to look at confidence intervals and understand them, then they can better take care of their patients and improve the quality of their work.


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