Nursing assignment chapter 10

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  • Scenario: Nancy is a case manager for a long-term care facility that has recently opened a rehabilitation unit. Nancy’s role includes identifying patient education needs prior to discharge and implementing a plan of action to prevent reoccurring admissions. Nancy is concerned because she continues to see an increase in admissions in patient with diabetes. Typically, Nancy refers these patients to the local health department for diabetic education. Nancy calls the agency and is informed that due to budget cuts, the diabetic education classes they use to offer have been discontinued. The health department director Kevin states, “Sorry Nancy, wish I could help, perhaps you can provide education for the diabetic patients at your facility. That is what other organizations are doing.” Nancy has completed her budget proposal for the year and has submitted it to the organization. She had allocated $1,000 for staff development, $15,000 for new equipment, including new diabetic glucometers, and $5,000 for unforeseen needs. Nancy does not see any room in her budget to justify a new PTE to teach education courses for the diabetics who no longer have access to the classes.
    1) Do you feel the addition of a diabetic education seminar is needed at the facility?
    2) How can Nancy address this issue and adhere to her proposed budget?
    3) Could the addition of an education seminar possibly influence the cost of health care at this facility?
    1. Your pap should be:

    • One (1) page or more
    • Typed according to APA Writing Stylefor margins, formatting and spacing standards.
    • Typed your pap in a Microsoft Word document, save the file, and then upload the file.
    • Upload your file by clicking “Upload File“.

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