Nursing cultural apa assignment 3

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 Discussion Post Topic #3: Conduct an evaluation of your current neighborhood or place of work. Are there any population shifts? If so, what are the cultural demographics, and has healthcare made transitions to address these transitions.

Sections of the assignment must include:

  • Introduction
  • Focus points covered in the discussion posts
  • Any arguments and rationales for your stance
  • Conclusion or Summary

The components of your APA Assignment includes the following:

  • The assignment must be completed on a word document.
  • Your APA  Assignment must include a title page (Refer to Purdue OWL).
  • All in-text citations must be used when paraphrasing or quoting a previous author.
  • All references must reflect the in-text citations used.
  • All reference sources must be within the past 5 years unless it is the works of a nurse theorist or a significant reference material.
  • The length of the assignment must be 750-1000 words. Please pay attention to spelling and grammar. Points are deducted for repeat offenders.
  • Upon completion of the assignment, you must submit the assignment via, and please note that your plagiarism score should be no more than 20%. If you score higher, please make adjustments.
  • (Please refer to the APA Grading rubric for additional assistance in completing your assignment).
  • You may reach out to the College Writing Center for further assistance.
  • Please refer to the course grading rubric on your syllabus for assignment specifics.

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