Nursing Home Violence

NOTE: if the video does not open when you click the link, go to the Library home page. Under Search for articles in Journal Databases, click on Alphabetical by title. Click on C, then CBC Curio. Look for the search box, then type Grey, Black, and Blue: Nursing Home Violence in and click search. Click Watch to view the video.

• Posting your ‘take’ on the issue (this is informed by your prep, not a ‘gut reaction.’ • Asking critical thinking questions • Offering alternate interpretations and additional insights • Contributing to the learning of the group
:Weekly Discussions Grading Rubric:
CRITERIA 20 Points For —7-17 Points For Each Criteria Each Criteria 12 Point For Each Criteria 0 Points For Each Criteria Integration of Discussions Discussions Discussions Discussions Assigned show evidence show evidence show little show no Reading of knowledge of knowledge evidence of evidence of Assignment and and and knowledge and knowledge and Professional understanding understanding understanding understanding Resources of reading of reading of reading of reading assignment and assignment and assignment and assignment and applicability of applicability to applicability to applicability to professional professional professional professional resources; include other resources that extend the learning. resources. resources. resources.
rtes for the week, synthesize the learning to answer the following questions: een Primary Care Providers and Specialty Care Providers impact access, quality, and affordability of health c, ‘. (Evolution of the Focus of Health Care Delivery) What role do nurses play in the evolution of patient-centere lality lut-down, there has been an increase in tele-health services. What is the role of the nurse in the provision of t of healthcare? What are the quality and safety measures required for this technology? -■1;4,4, thn nf•