ODU Public Health Disparity in Access & Affordability of Insulin Among Patients Essay

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This a a 3 part assignment. First Part:


Consider the public health challenge of your choosing from the perspective of a public/community health administrator.

Discuss the challenge.

Where appropriate, explain:

  • How the organizational structure, financing, and delivery of personal health care and public health services impact population health.
  • The influence that science and technology have on individual and population health.

Approaches for assessing and controlling environmental hazards that affect community health.

  • Where appropriate, identify:
  • Scientific data, including tools of informatics, and other information for assessing the well-being of a community.
  • Stakeholders who influence health programs and interventions.

Individual and community preparedness considerations regarding health emergencies and public disasters.

  • Collaboration efforts to address health disparities and inequities.

Advocacy for evidence-based social changes that improve the health of individuals and communities.

  • Promotion efforts for a healthy community as a means of prevention.
  • Given your research, discuss future strategies that should be employed to improve public/community health relative to this challenge. 

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