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Each student will interview a person of a different race, gender, ethnicity etc. than themselves. In the interview you will record pertinent demographic data about the interviewee and the interviewees’ positions on some of the issues that the student finds particularly compelling from the readings and class discussion.  In your summary, reflect on the responses to your questions and how they reinforced or challenged your understanding of the readings and class discussions.  (Worth 100 points)

Potential Questions:

1. Does we, as a society pay too much attention to “minority” issues or not enough?

2. Do you think that things would be much better in if minorities stopped hyphenating their identities?

3. How do you feel about the question of white or male privilege?

4. Do you think that America’s immigration policy makes sense? What about the claim that it is racist?

5. Do you think that groups like Black Lives Matter make things better or worse?

6. Should we make it easier to vote in the U.S.?  Do voter ID laws requiring licenses etc. unnecessarily harm minority voters