Organization Communication

Organization Communication

Please take a moment to reflect on your thoughts about Organization Communication at the beginning of the semester. (Take the time to scroll through your Weeks 1 and 2 responses.) Think about your learning over the course of the term. What has changed for you? Is there one concept or idea that’s most important to you? Can you summarize the change in your learning and awareness as the semester progressed?

Question 2: Achieving the course outcomes?

Our stated Course Outcomes are listed below. Do you believe you have achieved the Course Outcomes? Is there one assignment or reading that has contributed most to your learning? Is there one question or area of interest you would like to have seen explored more? Take your time to develop your ideas fully.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

Apply appropriate communication media and methods according to the situational need in organizational settings

Apply communication theories to organizational communication challenges

Recognize and respond constructively to cultural differences in communication

Analyze and assess the communication dynamics of an organization to conduct a communication audit