Organizational Behavior Debra Nelson and James Campbell Quick

Organizational Behavior Debra Nelson and James Campbell Quick

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What leadership and personality traits does Bill Gates possess?

Bill Gates posses many different personality traits such as an amusing and humorous personality when I started looking at the video my first impression was that this video will be boring,I was wrong, they say never judge a book by its cover. I found the video interesting and humorous, Gates also posses vision, charisma, care for others, power of influencing and convincing, dedication and he’s a risk taker.

How have they enabled him to successful? Gates has used a several numbers of personality traits to become successful by building Microsoft, the company he founded, created a whole industry. His breakthrough or change and vision along with dedication enabled him to produce products and services required by the customers.Bill Gates is probably the richest man in the world or one of the richest men in the world.He uses his learning and risk taking to develop and market new products with different market ideas.

How would you describe his leadership style? Bill leadership style is authoritarian also known as autocratic, he’s leadership can exhibit more than one style but autocratic would be his dominant style.

What role does charisma play?Bill Gates and charisma goes hand in hand, compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion to others. his charisma which has helped him to influence his employees and co-workers.

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Organizational Behavior Debra Nelson and James Campbell Quick