OSU Explain Why It Is Difficult to Change Health Behavior Using Food and Diet Questions

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 complete the following two-part activity (adapted from Exhibit 3 in Chapter 3 of your textbook).

  1. Identify a person willing to answer some questions about his or her eating habits over the past 24 hours. (Keep in mind that, ideally, you will be able to interact with an older adult for this activity; thus, you should not use yourself or a classmate as your “participant.”) Next, create a table or list to record information (refer to Exhibit 3 in your textbook). Then, ask the following questions of your participant:
    1. What foods or drinks did you consume?
    2. How much did you eat? (i.e., not enough, a reasonable amount, too much) 
    3. Where did you eat? (e.g., home, office, car)
    4. Who with? (e.g., a family member, friend, alone)
    5. What were you doing? (i.e., activity)
    6. What was your emotional state? (e.g., happy, sad, anxious)
  2. Take some time to reflect on the information you have collected, then address the following critical elements:
    • Provide specific and detailed information regarding the participant’s eating habits for Questions A through F (above).
    • Describe barriers to change that might exist for this participant.
    • Describe barriers to change that might relate specifically to age. (In the case of a younger participant: What new barriers might this participant face as he or she ages?)
    • Explain why it is difficult to change health behavior, using food and diet as an example.
    • Describe some parallels to your own eating habits. (What barriers to change exist in your life?) Use examples from the readings in your explanation.

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