PBHL20002 Assignment 4

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PBHL20002 Assignment 4  

Word Limit : 1500 words  need 5 pages double spaced    

My topic is: Disease transmission on public transport .

referencing in Harvard style

What is Photovoice?

Photovoice is a communications technique originally developed for community-based research. It involves a combination of photographs and text which is intended to reflect the situation as perceived by the person creating the photovoice. The technique is commonly seen in ethnographic research and modern art, but for this class, you will use a modified version of its methodology to analyse a health issue relevant to your local environment – the places you live, work, and commute.

Assignment Requirements

Choose a topic from the list of health issues in the next section below. Think about it from the point of view of our four simple rules (Distinctions, Systems, Relationships, and Perspectives). Identify some of its components, determine how the issue in question arises from these components, and figure out how the components you’ve chosen interact with each other. 

Once you have done this, take some photos of the local environment that illustrate some of these components and interactions. These photos, along with textual explanations, will form your assignment. The assignment must include:

–       Introduction – A section that briefly outlines your topic and the perspective you have chosen to analyse the system that gives rise to it.

–       Visual representation – A diagram that includes the components you have chosen to highlight and shows their relationship to each other. This could be a visual map, a part-whole diagram, a causal loop, or other similar representation.

–       Photos and text – 4-5 photographs from your local environment, each one accompanied by a short paragraph (approximately 300 words) explaining which component of the system it illustrates and how it fits into the system you have described in the previous section.


Select only ONE of these topics for your assignment.

–       Disease transmission on public transport. It is obviously easy for infectious diseases to spread on public transport, as it is in any location where there are a large number of people. You should also consider the reasons why so many people need to be in that one place at the same time (eg. Does it relate to their job? Something else?).

–       Incidental exercise opportunities. Despite the popularity of cars, trains, and the like, modern life still involves a lot of things like walking (among other forms of exercise). Note that some features of the urban environment support exercise (eg. stairs), and others have an opposing effect (eg. escalators).

–       Traffic and accidents. City and town environments provide a great deal of convenience, with a high concentration of offices, shops, and the like. While this makes them very advantageous in certain ways, they also result in a large concentration of people and vehicles in a relatively small area. Additionally, time pressure often results in people cutting corners when it comes to traffic rules, right of way, use of pedestrian facilities, and so forth.

–       Indoor air quality. The rise of service industries over the past century has led to many people spending most of their working time indoors. These jobs are often very desirable because of their high salaries compared to the older style of work, but the ventilation systems required (particularly in high-rise buildings) have their own issues. The air often comes from outside, and its content may be uncertain or variable; additionally, uneven circulation and temperature issues can result in sometimes serious discomfort.


Your final assessment item for this unit is to prepare a photovoice illustrating the system behind a public health issue of your choice. Your photovoice should: 

illustrate different elements and relationships within the system

• explain how these elements and relationships impact upon public health outcomes 

demonstrate how the system can be used to identify potential community partnerships beneficial to health promotion 

identify how specific elements and relationships in the system can be used to inform public policy/public health interventions

referencing in Harvard style

My topic is: Disease transmission on public transport .

I need A++ quality work please no plagiarism .

i attached Grade Rubric criteria please check it carefully.


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