PC Outdoor Play and the Changing Nature of Outdoor Organizations Working with Children Essay

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Paper Length and Structure:

  • Should be 6-7 pages in length, double-spaced
  • Cite at least 5 scholarly references
  • Parenthetical references (only) should be included within the body of the text

This paper is to be a detailed examination of an aspect of children’s relationship to their environment. The paper should indicate the current state of matters on the changing nature of outdoor organizations that work with children. As such, recent sources of information (within the last 5 years) are preferable to older documents. The paper should follow the general
format of research papers, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. This research paper is not an advocacy or opinion paper. You are not to promulgate a personal position to any significant degree. In many respects, the sources that you cite are to do the speaking for you.


  • Mention multiple outdoor organizations but go in depth with one specific organization
  • Be specific on the type of organizations
  • Explain what methods are used in the organizations
  • Explain if the education is more focused on well-being or knowledge

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