PCN 683 Grand Canyon University Trauma Development Questions

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can be in Q and A format, does not need to be in paper format.

minimum 1 resource each, minimum 250 words each:

1. Discuss Epigentics and how it affect us. Write 2-3 paragraphs. Give at least 5 examples of epigenetic changes.

2. Childhood trauma can influence parent-child relationship. What are some
possible DSM/ICD diagnosis which could result from parent-child
relationship problems based on trauma occurrence? Give examples.

3. Describe five different relationship patterns seen in families and give
examples of how abuse can result in shifts within these different
relationship patterns (distant, conflictual, cutoff, close, fused,
enmeshed, rigid, diffuse).

4. For what ages and stages does play/art therapy work best? What are the
indicators to begin play/art therapy and are there any

5. How does play or art therapy assist with forming a secure attachment?


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