Pediatric Tuberculosis. Epidemiology Research Report

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Epidemiology Research Report


1. Define the disease,

2. Demographics of the Disease

3. Cause of the disease, 

4. Signs & Symptoms of the disease (If apply, include 

stages, levels, or types of the disease),

5. Laboratory findings (include, all blood test names, genetic 

test, urine test, i.e.) Must include all normal versus 

abnormal levels that will confirm the disease, 

6. Images of the Disease (X-ray, MRI, Ct scans, PET 

scans); all images must be cited in APA format and 

referred in the reference page of the report. 

7. Treatment for the disease (this includes name of the 

medications, dosage, side effects, alternative medications,

8. Diet for the patient, 

9. Prognosis of the disease.

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