Peer response

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In response to your peers, provide feedback about their initial post and offer strategies for overcoming the challenges of a shared service delivery model and employee resistance to new self-service technology. Provide examples and supportive evidence.

(oeer response)

A shared service delivery model can benefit the employees and management of an organization by increasing productivity and decreasing the possibility of errors occurring. It can also be benefited by reducing cost, reporting, transactions, and tracking processes. This will help allow HR to pay attention to other areas in the agency that may require improvement for success.

Sometimes there can be some challenges that may occur because of a shared service. Cuts can be an issue when it comes to that. If cuts are made, sometimes the quality of service can decrease and that can also lead to dissatisfied consumers. Another challenge can be disruption with prior services when changing over. There may have to be some bugs that need to get fixed along with communication on the new service to reduce confusion. This happens more often than not… I find It difficult for smooth transitions that have zero issues at first.

Technology affects service delivery, effectiveness, and efficiency by enhancing the overall performance of the organization. Technology can increase the value added to a business and allow it to have more strategic strategies as well. An example is the insurance company BCBS they have a virgin pulse app that allows all workers to interact with each other and connect along with participating as teams to encourage a healthy environment by having step challenges and motivational questionnaires and activities. Doing these activities not only helps with deductibles but can also encourage a healthy, friendly, and positive work environment.

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