personal and professional development

Write a short (approx 200-300 words) Journal Entry to explain: (reflection journal) The key things you learned during the last two weeks How can they relate to the workplace? How they can aid your personal and professional development? Remember to be specific and give examples. My work background: Bachelor degree of nursing. Work in newly-open health orgnization at Qatar. Have shifted through different departments and activated about 3 different departments. currently working on “newtowking development and outreach department” this department had lots of communicy engagement, work with collaboration with other hospitals and physicians into updating of our ne hospital as well as big part of this deployment is advertisment “same as marketing” for our hospital specifically for our section “women’s – obstetrics and gynecology pregnancy department” Use a reflective writing style. Read more about academic reflection at Look at both content and process issues – content outline your key learning points from the module content – process this is your learning journey time management, use of resources, experience within discussions, method of research, feedback and support given. Look at how you can apply your learning within your organisation. Provide professional and personal development points. Try to stay within the allocated word count 200 300 words. I have provided 3 documents. one and two are 1st and 2nd chapter’s from book copies into word document. third is additional reading. (no need for references if not necessary) thank you