Plan to Build Cultural Competence

Plan to Build Cultural Competence Assignment Professional associations, such as the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA), and the American School Counselors Association (ASCA) have established codes of ethics that guide the practices of counseling. Actively building an understanding of diverse cultures and avoiding the imposition of personal values and beliefs are among the ethical responsibilities of counselors (ACA, 2014). This requires ongoing self-evaluation, a commitment to upholding the values of the profession, and continuous education. Scenario As a new counseling intern at the Riverbend City clinic, you have been assigned a site supervisor. Plan to Build Cultural Competence Assignment In preparation for your first supervision session, your assigned site supervisor has asked you to complete the Multicultural Awareness, Knowledge and Skills Survey (MAKSS) so that you are prepared to discuss goals related to building your cultural competence during your work together. Reference American Counseling Association. (2014). ACA code of ethics. Retrieved from: Assignment Instructions Complete the MAKSS media piece linked in the resources section below (if you have not previously completed it for the unit). Plan to Build Cultural Competence Assignment Save your results, as you will be reflecting on them and using them as the basis for setting your goals and designing your cultural competence professional development plan. As you complete this assignment, keep in mind to design goals that you could make meaningful progress on over the ten weeks of this course. Your reflection, goal setting, and plan creation should be approximately 2–3 pages in length, not including title or reference pages. Plan to Build Cultural Competence Assignment In your Plan to Build Cultural Competence, make sure you address the following: Describe your areas of strength and growing edges relative to your results on the MAKSS. What were your strongest areas on the MAKSS? Which areas of the MAKSS did you see your lowest scores? How does this provide you with opportunities for growth? Explain how your commitment to building cultural competence aligns with the Code of Ethics specific to your future counseling profession. Which code of ethics is most relevant to your future counseling profession (for example, Clinical Mental Health Counselor or School Counselor)? What does your Code of Ethics prescribe as necessary for professionals with regards to cultural competence? How can you use this information, in alignment with your MAKSS results, to narrow down areas for creating personal development goals? Identify at least one SMART goal each, based on your results on the MAKSS, for expanding your cultural awareness, knowledge, and skill. Plan to Build Cultural Competence Assignment For each area of the MAKSS (awareness, knowledge, and skills) think about: What is your goal? How does it align with the SMART principles? How will this goal help you to develop one or more of your growing edges relative to your results on the MAKSS?