Plato & Aristotle on Knowledge or Plato & Aristotle on Morality

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*( The book The Great Conversation 7th or 8th edition is required ) The purpose of this assignment is to assess your familiarity with some of the key issues from the Greek mythical tradition in contrast to the distinguishing characteristics of the early Greek naturalist (Pre-Socratics). Examples should be used to illustrate and support your points. The assignment is to be 2-3 pages in length (approx. 1300 words or 100 lines) using standard 12″ font size with 1.5 spacing.

In this comparison/contrast essay, choose one to the following questions to answer. Place one of the bold titles at the top of your essay.

  1. Plato & Aristotle on Knowledge: Explain Plato’s theory of Forms and his distinction between intelligible knowledge  and sensible belief (opinion).  Contrast this to Aristotle’s theory of Substance (form & matter), his view of change, the  four causes, and how we acquire knowledge.
  2. Plato & Aristotle on Morality: List and discuss some of the differences in method and approach to morality in Plato and Aristotle,  How do we attain virtue, and how is it connected to the parts of the soul for each thinker?  What answer might each give to the Sophist position on relativism (physis vs nomos)?  What is the difference between striving toward the Platonic Good and Aristotle’s end called eudaemonia or Happiness

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