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Please help in responding to this discussion questions using this criteria:

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Discussion Question:Information systems can be utilized by more than businesses such as Walmart and Amazon. The United States government like other governments depend on Information Systems as well. The main case which comes to mind is politicians during an election campaign. By accessing information systems such as the United States Census Bureau and voting records politicians are able to create a map of areas they are likely to have resistance in. Information Systems keep track of which states and counties within the states are likely to pull towards the democrats or republicans.

“The 2010 census of the United States Census Bureau accrued information under the following headings: general population and housing characteristics, such as population, age, sex, race, households and housing; race and Hispanic or Latino origin; Hispanic or Latino by type, including Mexican or Puerto Rican; households and families related to relationships, children and household size. A comparative study of states showing a difference in population, housing, area, and density forms part of the census, as does a comparison of these factors between cities and towns.” (Jacob, 2015)

Laying these out they are able to decide what areas to campaign the hardest and which it would be best to skip all together whether it be a guaranteed win or loss.
In addition to prior political election results, the information collected and stored by the Census Bureau provides a collection of the ethnic make up of the populations so that politicians can help devise a custom campaign plan for each area based on the ethnic makeup.

Jacob, L. M. (2015). United States Census Bureau. Salem Press Encyclopedia,

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