PMC 6601 FGV Tesla Plan Development Paper

Due July 27 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time Zone

This week, you will submit the first four parts of the course-length project. The project analyzed must be the project approved by the instructor in Week 1. The deliverables for Week 2 are:

  • The statement of need: Write a brief description of the chosen organization and discuss the background information associated with the problems that need to be solved.
  • The goals and objectives of the project: Identify project goals and the underlying objectives. Quantify the measurable performance expectations of the project plan to determine whether it meets the planned objectives. Performance should be defined in terms of:
    • The product or process specification
    • The total budget at completion of the plan
    • The time frame for completion of the plan
  • Stakeholders and project requirements: Identify the project’s stakeholders. Analyze their needs and wants and create a list of project requirements derived from the inputs provided by the stakeholders.
  • Project scope development: Identify the scope of the project to define the work that needs to be performed to meet the project objectives.

Submission Details:

  • Submit your report as a 3 to 5 page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.
  • Project Automotive Industry
  • Make sure research support is credible

My professor just posted this

Use of Creditable Sources: Project Assignment

To earn the maximum, score in each section, that demonstrates knowledge of the topics:

A) “exceeding the expectations” = 3 + different credible sources intext cited for each section.

B) Sufficiently supports = use of 2 different intext cited sources per section.

C) Weakly supported credible sources used = 1 intext cited source

D) Lacked credible sources = No sources intext cited

1. Research needs to go beyond the course textbook or course lecture notes.

2. Sources published, authored, and less than 6 years old.

3. APA guidelines must be applied to intext cite information where used in the response.

Example1: A response has no intext citations but does have a reference section will be penalized in each section and graded as “Lacked credible sources” – as this demonstrates lack of APA application and potential plagiarism – as information was obtained from sources but no credit given to the authors.

Example2, the scope section can be written simply as a scope statement. However, to use information from credible sources to support the response: information can be used from sources that support scope importance, what it is, how it benefits a project, negative effects if no scope is developed.

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