POL111 DB1b

Prepare: Prior to tackling this second discussion question, cook up some popcorn and watch the assigned movie, Making Government Work. Make sure you have the discussion questions handy as your watch the movie so that you can take some notes and respond effectively to these questions. Also, remember to use what you read in Chapters 1 to 4 in A Novel Approach to Politics.
Reflect: This program with Bill Moyers explores firsthand how citizens are taking action to improve their communities, focusing on Chicago, where citizens groups have joined with government officials to preserve manufacturing jobs, revitalize parks, and prevent crime. Write: In your initial post of at least 200 words, answer the following questions about the movie: What issues concerning security and anarchy were revealed in the film? Can you describe a power relationship between government and citizens in the film? Can you discuss one collective action by the people and/or governments in the film?